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Exotic 15 truffle box set

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Studio


100 in stock

The Berbere: bittersweet ganache spiced with Ethiopian berbere, enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with a pinch of berbere

Turbo Thai: bittersweet ganache of lemon grass, lime zest, Thai chili, coconut milk and coconut cream sprinkled with organic coconut flakes

Indian Bop: bittersweet East Indian curry ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and and accented with toasted coconut flakes

Tokyo Tango: fresh ginger and wasabi ganache encased in dark chocolate, plumed with nori (toasted seaweed) and candied ginger

Salmon Suprise: bittersweet local Alaska honey and black pepper ganache submerged in a dark chocolate shell, topped with Alaskan smoked salmon

The Bleu Note: fresh bleu cheese and milk chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate and garnished with smoked bacon sea salt

Pele’s Passion(vegan): guava & passion fruit in a tangy coconut milk based 65% dark chocolate ganache finished with black Hawaiian lava salt.

Mao Jian Moon: 72% dark chocolate infused w/organic green tea, jasmine & elderberry. Finished with a dried apricot.


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