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Happy Hour 8 truffle box set

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Studio


Orange Drop: a delightful ganache of orange zest and Grand Marnier enrobed in dark chocolate and accented with fresh candied orange zest

Julep Jive: mint infused, fresh basil, and Kentucky Bourbon ganache encased in 65% dark chocolate

Raspberry Grove: bittersweet raspberry and maple ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with a lavish luster

Midnight Mambo: dark chocolate and beer-reduction of Midnight Sun Brewing Co's Mammoth Stout and barley malt extract ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with a pinch of toasted malted barley

Margarita Zing: bittersweet ganache of fresh lime zest and tequila, cloaked in dark chocolate with Hawaiian pink sea salt

Currant Honey: 72% chocolate ganache infused with Celestial Mead, organic black currant & Alaska honey, w/ a pinch of Alaska bee pollen

Modern Moscow: …65% chocolate blended with vodka, fresh lime zest & ginger. Finished with a slice of fresh candied lime.

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